His cabinetry shop’s custom cabinets, shoes and more, plus the latest fashion

A brand new cabinetry line from styleline has hit the market, and it’s a hit with designers.Styleline’s new collection of premium craftsmanship is available for the very first time online through the company’s flagship website, styleline.com, with a range of designs to suit any occasion.Styleline’s products range from classic pieces like the “classic dress” and […]

When Will Your Tree Shed A Lot Of Light?

Posted by Treehouse News on December 02, 2018 01:21:22It’s that time of year again!Treehouse is having a Treehouse Month. The Treehouse website is currently down due to a bug.This is the most important part of the blog.If you don’t see the site, click here to log in.The site will reopen in a few hours.You can also […]

How to Build Your Own Custom Cabinetry | The Verge

Posted January 06, 2018 09:18:22The new trend for cabinetry is the custom cabinet, a design with the ability to be customized, from the color of the window to the style of the doors.The idea behind custom cabinets is that they’re designed to fit into your space, but they’re not necessarily designed for people who are […]

The Big Thommpson Cabinetry Collection of Western Custom Cabinetry

J&K is celebrating the 30th anniversary of its Western Custom cabinetry collection with a major expansion, the addition of the first three-piece collection to the collection.This means that J&M now has five collection categories, including: Cabinetry, Furniture, Kitchen, Bathroom and Living Room.The collection has been available to purchase since the late ’90s and features the […]

Which One Is Right for You? | Schrock’s Cottage Apartment Review

This cabinetry and furnishings catalog from South Shore Cabinetry features a large number of items that fit the Schrock cottage’s aesthetic and architectural goals.Schrock designed the cabinetry to be more modern and contemporary, while still being accessible and inviting.One thing I love about this listing is that it offers a variety of options for interior […]

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