KPC cabinetry firm’s master plan for the next 10 years

KPC, the maker of the well-loved KPC Cabinetry line, is looking to expand its portfolio to include a new line of luxury furniture.KPC is looking at the construction of new buildings in the US and Europe.The company is also considering expanding its operations to Asia, Europe, and South America, according to a report by the […]

Which is the best cabinetry for the money?

The question of which cabinetry is best for the budget can seem overwhelming.Many people, however, are still struggling to decide.And what about the budget conscious?Is there one that’s better for the home?We’ve looked into the pros and cons of various options for cabinetry.We’ve also looked at the pros of each brand to get a better […]

The best of Twin Ponds cabinetry review

Twin Pounds cabinetry is a high-end design house and furniture retailer with a large selection of cabinetry.You might have seen it featured in several magazine and television shows including The Good Place, The Good Wife, and the upcoming, The Amazing Race.However, its newest addition is the Ghi Custom Cabinetry.Ghi Custom has created a custom-made cabinetry […]

How to Build a Double Tree Cabinetry Cabinetry: 4 Ways

A double-tree cabinetry is a large wooden structure with two or more large, open doors on either side.Double trees are typically constructed in three different types of construction.The first type is the classic double-and-two, or “double-and,” where the main body is made of two separate trees and the trunk is separated into two halves by […]

When the Premier cabinetry brand launches its latest collection, ‘The Premier Ballarat’

Posted October 14, 2018 07:15:48The Premier cabinets’ latest collection is called The Premier Ballara.The Premier is a term used by designers and builders to describe a cabinetry project.The name is based on the way the ball is rolled up, which is more traditional than the other major brands.The first ballarat was produced in 1769 by […]

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