How Prodigy Built a $9 Billion Modern Cabinetry Collection

The modern luxury home is no longer a relic of the past.Its sleek lines and stylish furnishings have found a new place in the modern decor and design industry.The rise of the designer and the consumer have made a huge difference to how we decorate our homes and our lives, said Prodigy founder Tom Thomsson, […]

Big thompsons cabinetry makes a splash in Canada

Home furnishings company Big thomas is opening a new space in Ottawa, Canada.It’s called “The Cabinetry and Waterloo,” and it’s part of a broader expansion of its Canadian business.The company says it expects to add more than 100 new work spaces in the next 12 months.I thought I’d start here and show you how it’s […]

Man behind ‘Big Tom’s’ $5.7M cabinetry plant leaves after 20 years as head of company, company says

Man behind “Big Tom”‘s $5,000-a-year cabinetry factory in the San Francisco Bay Area will leave the company this month.Robert Murphy left the company on July 7 to become head of the company’s production unit.He was hired in February to lead the development and manufacture of products such as the “Cabinet”, “Paintball” and “Rifle” models.Murphy, who […]

The Big Thommpson Cabinetry Collection of Western Custom Cabinetry

J&K is celebrating the 30th anniversary of its Western Custom cabinetry collection with a major expansion, the addition of the first three-piece collection to the collection.This means that J&M now has five collection categories, including: Cabinetry, Furniture, Kitchen, Bathroom and Living Room.The collection has been available to purchase since the late ’90s and features the […]

Why a company called Veritas could win over your grandma

The maker of high-end cabinetry products is hoping to capitalize on its “cargo cult” by selling a $25,000, 3D-printed version of a custom-built kitchen for $1,000.The 3D printing of a kitchen, which is a new technology that was only available in the past couple of years, is a major advancement in kitchen technology and it […]

How to decorate your house with your own handmade furniture

You may think that you’re saving money with your handmade furniture, but in reality, you’re just using up more precious materials that will be more difficult to recycle.So how do you go about decorating your house in such a way that it will not be a financial burden on the community?It turns out there are […]

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