Roanoke River cabinetry sells for $6 million

A $6-million cabinetry shop in Roanake River, Virginia, sold for $2.2 million on Tuesday.

The company, The Cabinetry Co., which also has a rowhouse and a restaurant, has a “small but growing” clientele, said Joe Tomsen, the co-founder and owner.

Tomsin said the company is currently working on a second-floor space and that he would like to open a second location soon.

The shop will be located in the heart of Roanakie River, a scenic stretch of land north of Richmond.

The site includes an 80-acre lake and sits between several communities including the town of St. Marys, which was home to the last remaining cabinetry company in Virginia.

Cabinetry is a traditional form of decoration in which the materials are chosen by the craftsman to create a specific style or design, according to The Cabinets Association of America.

The group’s president, Dave McLean, said the craftsmanship is important for the success of a business, but not always the only reason to be in business.

“I think the most important thing is the customer service.

It’s very important to know who you are going to be working with and what they want,” McLean said.

“If you know who they want to work with, you can be very selective.”

McLean said his shop is not a “gourmet” boutique like a boutique rowharee.

Instead, he wants to help local people have the opportunity to find what they are looking for, he said.

“It’s a small business, it’s a very niche thing, and I want to give them a place where they can do that and feel comfortable with it,” Mclean said.

The interior of the cabinetry store will include custom furniture and appliances, as well as a small kitchen with a stove and microwave.

The Roanock River Cabinetry shop will open in October 2019.