Which cities are in the top 10 for eco-conscious businesses?

The list below contains some interesting tidbits about the top eco-friendly businesses in cities across the United States.1.

Sarasota, Florida — The Sarasotan Resort and Spa, which opened in 2011, is considered the largest eco-oriented business in the area.2.

Tampa, Florida–The Tampa Bay International Airport is home to several of the top-rated eco-tourism destinations in the country, including the eco-cabinet at the Tampa International Airport.3.

New Orleans, Louisiana–The New Orleans International Airport has a reputation for being the premier destination for eco tours, and this is the largest and most eco-centric hotel in the state of Louisiana.4.

Asheville, North Carolina–The Asheville National Forest has become a hub for eco tourism thanks to its lush, diverse forests.5.

Portland, Oregon–The Portland Convention Center is the most eco friendly hotel in North America, and has become the first hotel in America to have a 100% renewable energy source.6.

San Diego, California–The City of San Diego is home the largest hotel eco-system in the United State and boasts a total of 6,000 hotel rooms.7.

Los Angeles, California– The Los Angeles International Airport and the Los Angeles Times Tower have become a global destination for hotel eco tour operators, and the city boasts one of the largest hotels in the world.8.

Las Vegas, Nevada– The largest hotel in Las Vegas is the Venetian Las Vegas.9.

Honolulu, Hawaii– The Honolulu International Airport serves as the hub for many of the world’s top eco tours.10.

Phoenix, Arizona–The largest hotel for eco tour operator is the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, which is home of the city’s largest hotel.

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