Inside a cabinetry workshop where we were all made to wait for our turn

hamphire cabinetry is a very British thing.

It’s a place where people go to relax, and where people get a chance to take a break from work, or to take the day off from work and explore the countryside.

We’re lucky to have it here in this very cosy, cosy little cottage in central Berkshire.

I’m not sure I know what the hell I’m doing, but I have no idea what I’m actually doing.

Theres a small kitchen, and a small sink, and in that kitchen I’ve got a really tiny microwave, which I’ve been using for a couple of days.

That microwave works really well for me.

There are two of them, and it just melts up my lunch.

I think I might have to have one of those for breakfast, so I get to have a bit of time for myself.

I don’t have a computer, so when I’ve finished eating my lunch, I head back to the kitchen, put on some clothes, and sit down at the small table, where I have a little TV and a tiny TV stand.

Thats where we get to meet the people who are the owners of this small cottage in the middle of the country, who run it all from here.

I am very grateful that the cabinetry has survived.

There was no electricity when I first arrived in the country and there was no internet either, so it wasnt easy to get information out.

Ive been working on this cottage for about a year now, and this is my first time coming here to live in it.

I live in the cottage, which is called the Cottage of the Beddingmaker.

I live in this cottage, in this small village called Hampshire, which was created in 1892.

It has the most beautiful view of the countryside, with the valley below you and a couple other villages all around.

There is a lot of nature here, but there are also a lot more people here than there were at the time.

I got the job at the cabin a year and a half ago.

My husband and I are both graduates of the local college and we are the only two people here who work full-time here.

So when we got the offer from the owners, it was a bit like winning the lottery.

We got a little bit of money, and they gave us a house with a garden.

That garden has become a great part of our daily life here.

So weve been living here for about four years now.

It really has been a dream come true.

It wasnt always like this.

Back in the day, when I was working at the kitchen in the house, it didnt have a TV.

Its a very basic TV.

I had a big TV on my desk, and I would use it to watch films and stuff.

The kitchen wasnt as nice back then, so thats why I dont remember much of what the cottage was like back then.

Its not like the kitchen isnt full of books and pictures, but it was very different back then as well.

The cottage itself has an old school-like feel to it.

There were two rooms in there, a large one, and then a smaller room which was reserved for us to use.

So, there wasnt really much room for people to go out and explore, but for me, it had a very calming effect, because I didnt have to be outside.

When I went out there for lunch, it kept me busy and peaceful.

The cabin itself is very modern, with a lot that has been done in the last 10-15 years.

Its one of the few cottage where you cannt tell it was made in the 1800s, so its very modern.

It also has a fireplace, and so there was lots of natural light.

There also was a great kitchen in there.

I wasnt allowed to have anything in the kitchen.

Its just the sink, so you can just put your food in there and then you can do whatever you want.

I also used to use a stove in there so that you could cook anything you wanted.

There’s a great bar, and all the people have been here a while, and thats a really nice feeling.

The whole family have all been working here and its really been very comfortable.

When we first moved in, the owner told us that he wanted to have us stay here for a while longer so that he could give us a little place to work and play.

So the whole family has been here for around four years.

We got our own place, and have been living in this cabin ever since.

Its very cosmopolitan, and there is not much difference in living here than anywhere else in the UK.

I love living here, and i love having a good time, and its a great place to spend time with my family.

I like to take time off from the whole housework.

Ive been here about four months now. I