Golden Home Cottage is Now Available in New Orleans

New Orleans is in the midst of a beautiful season, with some of the city’s most popular attractions like the Jazz Festival, the Carnival, and the Saints and Storms.

Now, the Golden House in New Orleanians newest home is getting ready to open, and we wanted to share our thoughts on the beauty and charm of this historic building.

The Golden is a stunning and modern home that offers the perfect space for a wide range of living, dining, and entertaining needs.

With its unique, contemporary touches and contemporary finishes, the house has a cozy and welcoming feel that has a touch of the past.

The design team at Golden Home has a history of bringing unique styles to life in their New Orleans homes.

Their current home is a gorgeous new home designed by the company.

The Golden has three levels and an incredible open plan layout, which gives it a beautiful view of the Orleans skyline.

The house has two bedrooms and two bathrooms, while the master suite boasts a private lounge, private dining room, and a formal living area.

The master suite is large, with a king size bed, a large armchair, a queen size bed and two queen sized chairs, and an extra queen size chair for extra storage.

The bedrooms feature large windows overlooking the city.

The kitchen features a traditional kitchen, but with modern touches including a modernist-inspired cabinet and a modern-style sink and dishwasher.

The main room features a fireplace, and there are three large and one smaller closets.

The bedroom and bathroom are separate bedrooms, with one large bedroom and one small bedroom.

The kitchen is designed to be easy to maneuver, and has two ovens.

The fireplace and pantry are on a raised platform, which also features a small vanity.

The bath has two showerheads, and two sinks.

The living room is large with a central balcony, and features a beautiful glass wall and a glass door.

The master bedroom has a fully open plan living room with a private balcony overlooking the garden.

The dining room has a king sized bed, and is equipped with a queen sized bed and twin twin vanity bath.

The larger bedroom has two queen size beds and a queen bathroom.

The bathroom has two vanity sinks, two sinks, and one showerhead.

The double bed is located in the master bedroom, and can accommodate two adults and two children.

The breakfast room has twin showers and two large tubs.

The living room also has a big window overlooking the Garden of the Saints.

The full size kitchen has a queen level kitchen, and it has two granite counters and two marble counter tops.

The granite counter tops feature a large window with views of the Garden.

The stone counter top features a granite counter with a large mirror.

The main dining room features two large bedrooms, and boasts a large dining area.

A king sized king size window overlooks the city, and offers a view of all the buildings.

The king size bedroom is equipped to accommodate two adult and two kids.

The second bedroom has an extra large vanity with a mirror and a shower.

The baths have a king bath with twin sinks and a large tub.

The two large bathroom sinks have twin showerheads.

The smaller vanity sinks has a small showerhead and an en suite vanity.

The large dining room includes two king size windows, and overlooks a view on the gardens.

The dining room is equipped for two adults.

The bedrooms are divided into separate areas, with the second bedroom featuring a full-size kitchen and a king level living area, while a large second bedroom is reserved for a small family.

The king bedroom is located at the end of the master, and provides the best view of both the dining area and living area on the two floors.

The large bedroom has large en suite bathroom and twin shower heads, while an additional bedroom can be reserved for couples.

The bathrooms feature a queen bath with two vanity taps, and twin en suite shower heads.

The bathroom has an en-suite vanity, a king-size mirror, and shower heads on the en suite side of the bath.

The bedroom in the middle is reserved only for one person, while other bedrooms can be shared between two adults or one child.

The entire bathroom has twin shower and en suite bathrooms, plus a small en suite bath.