Dean cabinetry sells off its furniture, furniture parts and appliances for a record $1.7M in one day

The Dean furniture store in Las Vegas, Nevada, has sold off all of its furniture parts, furniture pieces, appliances and furniture parts.

The Dean was founded in 1982 by John C. Dean and John D. Caswell.

The furniture parts included mattresses, couch cushions, bed frames, lamps, countertops, shelves and cabinets.

Dean is one of several furniture retailers in the United States that is selling off its inventory.

Dean says that it sold off its stock of furniture items for a total of $1,731,000 in the last 48 hours.

Dean plans to sell off its business.

“We sold our entire inventory of furniture to Walmart for $1 million last week,” Dean President of Sales and Marketing Kevin Fenton told Business Insider.

“I think we’ll be selling it off at some point in the next week or two.”

In addition to selling its furniture and furniture-related products, Dean also sold furniture and appliance parts.

“The furniture we sold includes mattresses and pillows, and everything else that we sell has been replaced by the newer furniture,” Fenton said.

“That means we’ve sold more furniture than we have ever sold before.”

Dean is currently selling furniture at its two retail locations, the Dean Hotel & Casino in Las Angeles and the Dean & Carrara Resort & Spa in Las Palmas, Costa Rica.

Dean’s online store, which is also listed on the company’s website, was also sold off.

The online Dean store is a joint venture between the Caswell family and Dean.

The company sells Dean furniture online at Dean Furniture.

Dean also sells its own furniture online, which includes a few different types of furniture including a few of its own brands.

For example, Dean sells mattresses at its online store.

Dean did not immediately respond to Business Insider’s request for comment on the potential sale of its website.