When a Cabinetry Store Goes Public

A cabinetry store in Greensboro, North Carolina, is now the first in the state to open its doors to the public.

A new company called A&C Cabinetry has taken over the former Cabela’s in downtown Greensboro and opened it to the general public on Saturday, March 5.

The store has the feel of a traditional cabinetry and gift shop.

The decor is very rustic and modern.

The staff and employees are very professional and knowledgeable.

They’re very well trained and knowledgeable about cabinetry.

They do a great job of teaching and selling.

This is a great opportunity for folks to learn more about this industry and how to start their own business.

The employees are also very professional, too.

The new store is located at 2501 North Franklin Street, Suite #10.

The location is open seven days a week.

The opening is a sign of things to come.

The brand new Cabelas at Greenville is already a hot spot for cabinetry shoppers.

We are very excited about this opening, and we look forward to opening more stores in the future in Greensburg, Raleigh, Asheville and elsewhere in North Carolina.

The A&C team also worked closely with the Greensboro City Council, who approved the sale to the new company.

They will now operate as an independent company.

In the coming weeks, they will also be offering new products at the retail level and selling on Amazon and other online retailers.

The store also will be adding a new website and social media platform for its store and social events.

In an interview with the Asheville Citizen-Times, Cabelasset co-founder and owner Kevin Grier said, “We are excited to open this store in the heart of downtown Greensburg and welcome visitors and customers to enjoy our cabinetry products and our unique products.

Our new location will help us continue to provide customers with quality products and services.”

We look forward in welcoming the next generation of consumers to our brand and to join us on our journey to bring you great products, craftsmanship and customer service at affordable prices.

Cabelassettes founder Kevin Griers said in a statement, “The Asheville market has been a hotbed for cabinetery, and our new location in Greensville will help our customers access the quality products they want at an affordable price.”

The Greensboro store opened in April 2016, and Grier says it has already seen an increase in foot traffic, as people move from other cities to Asheville.

He said, we are excited about the opportunities that we are seeing and we are going to keep growing.

“A&C is planning to expand in the coming years.

The company has a presence in a number of cities, including New York, Chicago, Austin, Houston, Seattle, Dallas, Denver, Las Vegas and San Diego.