Which Cabinets Will You Buy For Your First House?

NEW YORK —  The home of the family who built the Sequoia Cabinetry Company in the 1930s is being renovated.

New York State Department of Conservation officials announced Tuesday that the state’s Department of Environmental Conservation will begin the process of converting the state-owned cabinetry factory into a conservation-managed facility.

The agency announced the plans for the remodel in a news release.

The department plans to install an 18,000-square-foot space for the Sequoias.

It is a $5 million project and it will begin in June, with construction expected to be completed by early 2019, officials said.

In January, the sequoias received a conservation rating of “C,” which means they are “in need of significant improvement” and could be listed as an endangered species, the agency said.

The sequoia is listed as a vulnerable species and requires protection under the Endangered Species Act.

Sequoias are also listed as endangered under the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act and the End of Forests Act.

The Sequoias, which grew to become the largest commercial and residential forest in the U.S., were established by the Sequosias family in California.

 A Sequoiam is the oldest of five Sequoians that lived in Sequoiae.

They are descended from the original sequoians who first arrived in the New World.

They were domesticated by humans in the 19th century and brought into the U to grow food.