Which cabinetry stores in Phoenix are worth your money?

By far the biggest category for Phoenix homebuyers, luxury cabinetry is growing in popularity in recent years.

While most luxury house prices are skyrocketing, some upscale luxury cabinets are doing even better.

Phoenix, the second-largest city in the United States, has become a major hub for luxury cabinet sales.

The Phoenix metropolitan area alone has seen sales surge over 300% over the last three years, and it is the number one city in Arizona for luxury sales.

According to a recent report from Real estate website Trulia, the average home price in Phoenix is $1.5 million, or $10.4 million in today’s dollars.

While the median price of homes in the city is $2.5m, many homes in Phoenix have gone up to more than $4 million.

While luxury cabinetting is often seen as one of the most exclusive aspects of a home, many are actually fairly affordable, and can even be a nice investment in a property.

The average price of a luxury cabinetta in Phoenix at the time of this writing is $14,100, according to Trulia.

The typical price of an average house in Phoenix would be closer to $70,000, so luxury cabinettes are generally affordable.

If you’re looking for a new luxury cabinett, check out these other popular luxury houses in Phoenix:The most affordable luxury cabinette in Phoenix?

This luxury home in Phoenix was listed for sale in February of 2017, and has now sold for $1,890,000.

The two-bedroom, two-bathroom, four-bedroom house in the Phoenix suburb of Spring is currently listed for $7.7 million.

The house, located at the intersection of Old Town Avenue and Phoenix Road, is situated just down the street from the Phoenix Airport.

The price tag on the $14 million house is a bit surprising, as the seller recently announced the sale of the house.

“It is very much worth the money,” said the buyer.

“I am going to keep it for myself, so it is really nice to have something that I am going home to,” the buyer added.

Other popular Phoenix luxury homes that are worth checking out:The house in Spring, which is situated on the same block as the airport, has a similar price tag to the house in Marana, but has more space.

The price of the Marana house is $10,500, which includes a 4,000 square foot lakefront condo, a 3,500 square foot house on a lake, and a 4.8-acre lakefront estate.