How to get your own gold cabinetry studio in Miami?

The Miami-Dade County government is giving local artists and designers a boost in the design, production and maintenance of its new luxury luxury cabinetry collection.

It’s called the “Colonial” Collection and includes 19 gold-and-yellow cabins with wood floors, stone countertops and polished metal cabinets.

The new collection will be built on the grounds of the Miami-Gulf Coast-based Colonial Hotel, which opened in March 2017.

It features a private courtyard, a restaurant and a museum that houses a collection of artworks and other art.

The collection is owned by private-equity firm Goldenhome.

The Miami-area office of Goldenhome also has a private cabinetry project in the works, with plans to start in 2018.

The company is building a four-story building in downtown Miami that will be part of a $2.5 million private-partnership that includes an apartment development, a luxury hotel and an office tower.

The building, which is to be called the Colonial Lounge, is to include two large kitchens and bathrooms.

The project is expected to open in 2019.

Goldenhome has partnered with the Miami Gardens Collection to create a $1 million private office building in the city’s West End, a city historic district that includes the historic Biltmore Hotel and Biltons.

The city of Miami has committed to build two large, modern offices in the area, according to the city of West Palm Beach.

Golden Homes has a large and growing client base in Miami Gardens, the state’s largest and most densely populated neighborhood.

The group recently moved into a new development on the city-owned land of the former Biltmans in the Miami neighborhood.

The group has also been developing a series of new buildings, including a four story luxury apartment building on the West End.

It is being built by a private-label developer and will feature the latest in modern design.