Israel’s smoky mountain home decor brand opens in Jerusalem

Israeli home decor designer and co-owner of Smoky Mountain Cabinetry has opened its first shop in Jerusalem, an effort to bring home-design and craftsmanship to the capital city.

The company, which has been working in Jerusalem since 2014, said it had received a contract for the opening of its first store in Jerusalem’s Old City, which is home to the historic Old City Walls, which Israel captured from Jordan in the 1967 Six-Day War.

Smoky Mountain, founded in the Netherlands in 2012, specializes in handcrafted, handmade and contemporary home decor, but the opening was the first in Jerusalem.

Its main focus is on traditional European and American designs, with an emphasis on the use of natural elements and traditional materials.

The brand, which opened in a converted barn in Beit Hanoun in October 2017, has been operating out of a building at the corner of Old City’s Old Boulevard and Old City Road for the past year.

Smoke and fire: Smoke from a fire on the roof of a home in Jerusalem last month.

The building was once a tobacco factory.

(Shutterstock)The company said it planned to open a second shop in the Old City next year, and that it planned on selling its wares online and at its stores.

Smoking on the Old Boulevard near Old City Gate.

(Nati Harel/AFP/Getty Images)Smoke from a large fire burning near the Old Wall of the Old Temple in Jerusalem in October 2016.

(Toby Melville/AFP via Getty Images)