How Prodigy Built a $9 Billion Modern Cabinetry Collection

The modern luxury home is no longer a relic of the past.

Its sleek lines and stylish furnishings have found a new place in the modern decor and design industry.

The rise of the designer and the consumer have made a huge difference to how we decorate our homes and our lives, said Prodigy founder Tom Thomsson, who has been working on his design portfolio since 2012.

The home he created in 2010 was a “reboot of the old” to be more functional and elegant.

“We wanted to show people that you can create a home of your own, and make it feel like a living room, a living bedroom,” he said.

The brand now has a website, a blog, and a Twitter account.

In 2018, it added two luxury residences to its portfolio: the $9 billion, 665,000-square-foot, 8,000 square-foot Prodigy Estate and the $5 billion, 4,400-square foot, 495,000 sq.-ft. 5.5-bedroom Prodigy Manor.

The mansion, a $60 million, 3,100 square-ft. penthouse, features five bedrooms, a pool, and an indoor garden.

Prodigy also has plans to open its own luxury home next year, a 1,200-square feet mansion in the same building as the Manor.

Prodigies interior design and furnishings were designed by famed architects Roberta Kaplan and Robert Clements, and the designer’s home is part of a collection of art by Clements.

Prody also designs a collection for the designer.

The new mansion will be open to the public starting in 2019, and Thomssson said he will have guests on a monthly basis.

The company’s website describes its home as a “home on wheels,” where guests can enjoy the luxury of living in the house.

The designer said he doesn’t need to be home to work, so the company can offer an array of services to help guests find the time to live in the home.

“The house is just a living space, but we have a lot of options to help the guests feel like they are actually in a home,” he explained.

Thomson said the house can be rented for up to 40 nights a year for up of $2,500 per night.

The design studio he has in Los Angeles and New York is also a work of art.

It is designed to blend in with the surrounding neighborhood, where people live in apartments, and is not a typical living room or living room furniture.

“It’s like living in a castle,” Thoms said.

Proxies current home is being used as a studio for a design collaboration with a designer and illustrator.

The designers plan to launch a series of interior and design projects, which are expected to launch later this year.

“A lot of people say, ‘It’s not a house I want,’ ” Thoms told me.

“They want the traditional look, the traditional feel, and I want to do that.”