New home built with eclipse cabinetry finish: ‘You can’t even see the ceiling’

The new home that’s being built by a British couple has the look and feel of an eclipse cabinet.

It has a ceiling that resembles a blackened eclipse that has been covered in a black resin.

The ceiling was painted and then the walls were painted black.

The home was designed to look like an eclipse.

The family said they built the home to reflect the views of the eclipse and they want to bring the experience to people who are not as familiar with the phenomenon.

They are not looking to sell it.

“I think it is a good idea to build an eclipse home, it is like a gateway to the universe,” said Sarah Brierly, who is the wife of the builder.

“It is something to do with what we know about the universe, it’s just a lovely place to live.”

Brierly is a member of the International Solar eclipse Consortium.

The consortium is trying to create a registry for people to bring eclipse experiences to others.

They say the registry is important because it will allow people to tell others that they were there.

The registry has only been up for about six weeks, but it has already brought thousands of people together to have a look around.

It is part of the Eclipse Day 2018 project which was announced last week by the British government.

The event will be held in front of the White House, and the government has promised to give out $1 million for the event.

“This is the biggest event in history and the most visible event that has ever taken place in the United States, so I think this is a great opportunity for us to reach out and share with as many people as we can,” said British Prime Minister Jeremy Hunt.

The home is part the Eclipse House, a partnership between the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

The Netherlands and the United UK are hosting eclipse celebrations across the country.

The Eclipse House is expected to last for several weeks.