Which companies are doing what with the $3.9bn Orlando Design Center?

dl – Cabinetry grumbles after Orlando Designers’ report on cabinetry article dt – Florida’s tourism industry hit with $9m blowout, according to report article dm – Design studio and furniture makers announce $3bn deal to expand in Orlando article dp – The Orlando DesignCenter is closing its doors, and a new site in Orlando is set to open in 2019 article dq – The Florida Restaurant Association and other Florida hospitality businesses say Orlando’s design needs are critical article ds – The US Chamber of Commerce has joined a class-action lawsuit over the Orlando DesignCenters’ recommendations, saying the report is a flawed attempt to make a quick buck article dw – Orlando Design Co., a design studio, is selling its business to another company for $3 billion article es – Orlando’s city council voted last week to cancel a $5 million bond issue to fund the Orlando City Soccer Club, a group seeking to renovate downtown Orlando.

The City Council voted 6-1 to approve the bond issue on Monday, which will cover the first phase of the project.

The council also approved the purchase of a 10-acre parcel for $1.4 million, in part to help fund construction of a new stadium at City Hall.

The stadium, scheduled to open by the end of 2021, is expected to be built on a $100 million-plus investment in a proposed stadium site in downtown Orlando, which includes an existing stadium.

City officials say the $1 billion stadium is in the works and that the City Council will consider further improvements to the downtown area as the project progresses.

Orlando’s DesignCenter was the nation’s largest for design work, according the Orlando Regional Chamber of Industry, with more than 1,300 employees.

A report by the Orlando County Board of Designors said that the DesignCenter had over $6 billion in revenue from 2008 through 2019.

The DesignCenter also produced more than $10 billion in sales.

It is not clear how much Orlando will make from the new site, which has not yet been officially announced.

The city is also in talks with a number of other cities about using the design center, which could generate as much as $2 billion annually, Orlando City CEO Mark Davis said last week.

Davis said that after the Orlando design center closes, the city would have more room to add more design-related jobs.

The design center’s current staff includes more than 100 designers, according Orlando DesignWorks, which oversees the design program at the Design Center.

The Orlando City soccer club, a city-owned entity, has been operating a $20 million-per-year soccer stadium on property in downtown that is expected be completed in 2021.

The soccer team will begin play in 2018.