Big thompsons cabinetry makes a splash in Canada

Home furnishings company Big thomas is opening a new space in Ottawa, Canada.

It’s called “The Cabinetry and Waterloo,” and it’s part of a broader expansion of its Canadian business.

The company says it expects to add more than 100 new work spaces in the next 12 months.

I thought I’d start here and show you how it’s done.

I think this is a very big place for the industry to expand, said Chris Thompson, president and CEO of Big thoses.

The cabinetry company has been making custom and large cabinetry since 2010, and it recently expanded into Canada, expanding its portfolio to include a “new concept” that includes custom and small cabinetry.

It has more than 50 stores in Canada and the United States, and the company plans to open a second Canadian store in 2020.

You can see the cabinetry at the big thomas store in Ottawa.

The shop is set up in the old Hwy.

42 in the heart of Ottawa.

(L-R) Mike Lillie, president of Big Thompson, Dan Mollie, chief marketing officer of Big Thomas, and Chris Thompson (from left) hold up a large table in front of the store.

(Tom LeGro and J.P. Caulfield/The Wall Street J.)

I think this area is going to be an important place for us to grow,” Thompson said.

We want to be in a location that is not only close to our customers, but close to them as well.

“There are so many things happening around us, and we have such a great community here.””

It’s definitely a great opportunity to be able to be at home and in the community, just as we’re doing here,” Thompson added.

“There are so many things happening around us, and we have such a great community here.”