Home Depot to sell the entire contents of its warehouse to an online bidder

Home Depot is taking bids on the entire inventory of its warehouses in Los Angeles, New York and Dallas.

The online auction house is listing a selection of furnishings, fixtures, accessories, and equipment, as well as its own inventory of the entire facility, which was built in 1996 and spans roughly 100,000 square feet.

The listing, which will be available starting Monday, includes a few items that have been previously on display in other locations.

The online auctioneer says that the bids will be accepted through Thursday, and that the sale will begin on November 6.

The site notes that the items are not subject to a warranty.

Home Depot previously sold off part of its inventory in a bid to close a $3 billion tax write-off, and in the past has sold its entire inventory in bid auctions.