Huntingdon cabinets llc’s deal with huntingdon to build new factory is a win for Canadian furniture industry

Huntingdon, Ont.-based Osco has announced a $50 million investment in the construction of its first new facility in Canada in nearly two decades.

The facility, dubbed the Huntingdon Cottage, will be built in the town of Huntingdon and will employ over 30 people, including a chief operating officer, an architect, a designer and a full-time head of design.

The investment, announced Monday, is a significant step forward for Osco as it moves forward with its goal of building the world’s largest cabinetry manufacturing plant in the country.

“We are very excited to partner with Osco to bring the new factory to our customers,” said David Boudreau, president of Osco Canada.

“Osco is known for its manufacturing excellence and this factory is our next step towards bringing that to the entire Canadian furniture market.”

The facility will employ more than 70 people at a total capacity of 2,300 square feet.

It will be located in the same building where the former Osco factory was built.

Osco will also build a second production facility in Ontario in the area, which will produce high-end furniture, with a capacity of more than 12,000 square feet and employ about 30 people.

In the past year, Osco also announced plans to expand its Canada-based supply chain and the construction, engineering and manufacturing of a new factory in Ontario.

The new factory will bring a number of benefits to Osco, including improved efficiency, lower labour costs and a faster and more productive production process.

The company will be able to deliver products faster and to the same quality levels as its operations in Canada.

Osca said the investment will allow the company to continue to innovate and create new products.

“This new facility will provide us with the flexibility to move forward with our vision for the future of the company,” said Osco CEO Doug Hoeppner.

“In fact, our most recent quarter saw an increase in orders in the Americas for our Canadian-made products and we are optimistic that the new facility and our current operations will provide greater stability and sustainability for the long-term future of Osca.”