I Was Made To Love This Red Rose Cabinetry: The Beautiful Furniture of a Serial Killer

A few weeks ago, we posted about this gorgeous cabinetry set from a man who was allegedly a serial killer.

The story went viral and, to this day, we still don’t know who he is or how he came to be in our hearts.

Today, we’ve shared a story from one of our favorite bloggers who is sharing his own story of living in a cabinetry studio with this man.

And while the story may seem unbelievable, we think it’s worth sharing anyway because it’s so real.

So here it is: My name is Amanda.

And I’ve been living in the Red Rose cabinetry collection for the past five years.

I’m one of the lucky ones.

I’ve had to make the difficult choice of either keeping this collection, which I love and adore, or moving it out of the studio and out of my home.

My wife, who I think is a wonderful person, has been keeping it, too.

It’s a gift that I couldn’t pass up.

When I moved to Portland, Oregon, I was shocked to find myself living in such a beautiful space.

I didn’t think there was much room for furniture in the house.

I thought maybe my roommate was taking over.

When Amanda asked me to sign a contract that she was going to let me stay in the cabinetry for a year, I told her I would have no regrets.

It was a beautiful experience.

I could see my new home, which included a nice kitchenette, dining room, and a lovely living room, from the front door.

It felt like a new home.

It also felt like the place where I had the most fun.

Amanda was thrilled.

She told me that she would never have to worry about leaving it to me, and she also told me she would love to stay in it.

I said I’d be willing to give it a shot.

I spent five months on this space, which was my dream house and my new place.

I love this room.

It has a beautiful window and I love the fact that it has a nice rug and I’m going to love this carpet.

It feels so cozy, I love that it’s got a small fireplace in the center of it.

And Amanda was absolutely thrilled.

Amanda says that she really appreciated the furniture.

It had a little bit of a red rose pattern, so that was pretty cool.

She also loves the color of the wood.

It looks beautiful.

I loved the colors on this room because it was one of those “I’ll give it to you if you’re not going to kill me” kind of rooms.

She was a little apprehensive at first, because she was a big believer in being able to trust her intuition.

She said, “I’m not sure I know what I’m doing.

It just feels like this weird, dark place.

You don’t really know if you can trust yourself.

But then I had a moment and I knew, this is my new room.

I have to do this.

I really do.

This is my place.”

So I started working on this place.

And then I got some new furniture.

I got a sofa, I got two new beds, I also got a dresser, and I got this lovely wall table.

And it was the perfect place for Amanda to be.

This room was beautiful.

It looked so comfortable.

I had some big, beautiful walls to put up photos and some photos to hang on my walls.

I also had a big, comfortable table, so I had pictures of my cats and my dogs, and all kinds of other pictures.

It really felt like Amanda’s home.

Amanda loved it.

She even called me to tell me that I was a lucky person and to tell her to come stay with me.

I was like, “Amanda, you’re my guest.

You’re going to stay.

I don’t want to hurt you.

But I’m sorry, I’m not letting you out of here.”

So Amanda stayed.

She wanted to stay because she really believed that she could make a wonderful home.

I remember Amanda’s reaction when she got to the kitchen.

She took her first bite of her apple.

She just sat there and looked at me and said, I’ll give you this.

And that was all.

She did her best.

She knew what she was doing.

She went back to work and she did her work, and then we had our first dinner.

I went in the kitchen, I saw Amanda and she had the apple in her mouth.

She started to eat it.

It didn’t taste good, but she went on to eat more and more.

I just started eating it.

When she came out of that kitchen, she was so excited.

She had a lot of food.

And when I saw her eating it, she said, You know what, I don- I don’ know if I’m really good at this, but I can cook.

And she did