How to build a modern luxury cabinetry system

The next generation of luxury cabinets is coming, and one company is already making it happen.

Oxford Cottage is a brand new manufacturer of luxury cottageetry products, based in the UK, with plans to manufacture and market their products in the US, Canada, Mexico and Europe.

They have partnered with a group of US luxury manufacturers and designers who have already designed their own bespoke, custom-made products.

Oxford is hoping to make this work for them, too, and has recently completed a £1.5m deal with LuxuryCabinetry, a group that aims to create a bespoke luxury cabinet for the US market.

Their company has already created a range of custom-built, bespoke cabinets, such as the new Platinum Suite, which is a $2,500 cabinet with a custom designed interior.

The Platinum Suite features a full-height and multi-level loft with three-point harnesses, a double vanity mirror, and an all-terrain bed with double-height mattresses.

It also comes with a beseeching customisable sofa and two full-size bedside tables.

The Platinum suite was designed by the designer John B. Suter, who has worked on projects for brands such as Puma and Calvin Klein.

“My first impulse was to make something that was not only elegant but that also had style and function,” Suter told us.

Suter’s first major design project was the Platinum Suite in 2006, a luxury cabininet made from high-quality materials sourced from the British luxury car manufacturer Bentley.

It featured a multi-tiered loft, with two different bedside lamps.

But the luxury car maker’s Bentley Continental GT was one of the most expensive cars on the market, so Bentley had to stop making the car.

In 2009, Bentley sold the Platinum suite to Oxford Cottage.

For the next two years, Oxford Cottages had to develop the Platinum suites and then manufacture them in-house.

“We had to get very creative to make sure we created the most beautiful cabinetry available,” Sumber said.

When they did, they were able to create the best cabinetry in the market.

“The Platinum suites were designed to be built into a modern contemporary house, and the result is the Platinum cabinetry.

It’s the ultimate luxury cabineter,” said Sumber.

As with the Bentley Continental, the Platinum Cabinets were custom-designed to have high-end features, including an alligator claw foot, a four-foot high ceiling fan, an eight-foot long leather sofa and a double-sided, double-bed desk.

You can see the Platinum Suites in action in the video above.

So what is a luxury, customised cabinet made from top quality materials?

The Platinum cabins are made from luxury wood, and are often designed to have a lot of attention to detail.

According to Sumber, this is because luxury wood is durable and offers a great level of detail.

The luxury wood used in the cabinets comes from the high-value and hardwood forests of the UK.

These are the same woods used in modern high-performance cars, like the Ferrari 458 Italia, BMW 5 Series and Mercedes-Benz C-Class.

Once they are finished, they are then handcrafted by hand, in-sourcing wood from a variety of suppliers.

A large amount of the time, the wood used is sourced from small, family-owned forest companies. 

The wood is then hand-selected to give the cabinet a high level of texture and a sense of depth.

The wood is treated with high-grade chemical agents, ensuring that it has a beautiful, aged patina.

Sumber added that this is what makes the cabinetry so attractive, because it gives the cabin the appearance of a luxury item.

To make the cabinettes, Oxford’s custom-design engineers and designers cut a large piece of wood and cut it to the correct dimensions.

The cabinetry is then painted with a rich, glossy colour, and then a large amount is hand-carved and hand-finished to give it the appearance and feel of a luxurious luxury item, Sumber explained.

If the cabineting is a bit expensive, it is the result of a customised process. 

For example, if the cabinetting is $500, it will be hand-made from premium high-density oak.

The custom-carving process is the same as the process used to make a Bentley Continental.

“It’s a process of making the cabinette,” Suther said.

In some cases, you may be able to build your own