Man ‘s life was ‘turned upside down’ by cabinetry mishap

A man’s life was “turned upside-down” after a cabinetry accident that left him with a broken nose and a fractured skull, according to police.

Key points:A man’s nose was broken when a cabinet fell on himTwo men have been charged with manslaughter over the accidentA man was treated for head injuries in hospitalPolice say they’re looking for a fourth man who was on board the shipThe 34-year-old victim had been attending a medical conference when the accident occurred in the early hours of Thursday morning.

He was rushed to the Royal Melbourne Hospital but was pronounced dead on arrival.

The cabinetry had fallen on the victim’s face when he was attending a conference.

He said he was awoken to the smell of burnt plastic, and when he looked up to see a large hole in his face he thought it was a cabin door, but it turned out to be a cabin ceiling.

The victim said the cabinetry broke off, and he fell backwards onto the deck.

He suffered a broken skull and multiple fractures.

“It’s just really devastating, just completely devastating,” he said.

“I was just going to sleep that night and I woke up with a nose fracture.”

And it’s really just a horrendous experience.

“A woman on the ship was also treated at the hospital for minor injuries.

Police are looking for another man who is on board.

The ship was carrying up to 15 passengers, including five children, on board, according in a statement from the NSW Maritime Safety Authority.”

We will continue to investigate all aspects of this tragic incident, including the individual involved and anyone on board,” the statement said.