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— Hull coach Todd Nelson said Friday that the team has decided to retire the VanCab Van, the cab with the big yellow van and the red van.

The VanCabs were a popular option for players during the early days of the NHL.

The VanCabi-Cab, which had three cabins, became a symbol of Hull’s success, but it was a vehicle that didn’t sell well.

Nelson said the Van Cabs have a good chance of being used again, but he said it is a decision that will not affect the team’s season.

Hull will use the van for its road trips and the team will use another, smaller, cab, he said.

The van was originally built in England, but was modified and used in the United States by a dealership in New Jersey.

The van was converted into a cab by the NHL in 1996, but the team did not sell it until 2009.

Hurt on the iceA team spokesman said the decision was made in part because of financial issues.

The team is in discussions with another dealer, and the van will be retired from the league.

The Honda Civic Van was also retired last year.

The NHL is looking at selling off parts of the Van and Honda facilities.