How to Build a Cabinetry Finish for $3,500 in 30 Minutes with Eclipsa, an Eclipse-Inspired Eclipse Cabinetry Finishing System

Eclipsas design and materials combine to create a cabinetry finish that’s easy to work with, easy to build, and will last years of use.

We spoke to designer Adam Bischoff, who has designed a number of finishes including the “Tiger Woods” Woods Green and Silver finishes and the “The Perfect” White and Gold finishes, to learn how the finishing system works and what he did to create the winning design.

Eclipsa’s finish system is designed to look like an “old-school” eclipse cabinet that’s been cleaned up with a special scrubbing and cleaning compound.

The compound cleans the pores of the cabinetry using a solvent that can absorb moisture, creating a protective layer of paint.

To create the new Eclipse finish, Bischofs team of professional artists used a combination of black pigment, acrylic, and resin to create an intricate pattern that looks like a polished marble mosaic.

To add texture, they added a translucent layer of white paint to the original finish.

Eclipse Cabinets finish is a one-of-a-kind design that has been crafted by an artist from the UK.

In addition to the two-piece finish, Eclipss cabinetetry is also available in two different color options that are both available at a $3-4,000 price point.

While some of the finishes we’ve seen are limited in their design and price, Elements has a solid reputation for producing top-notch designs.