Leesport to introduce its cabinetry collection to the UK next year

The cabinetry retailer Leesports, which opened in London in 2015, has signed a deal with the UK’s leading furniture maker, Furnitureland, to sell its collection of luxury and classic furniture to customers across the country.

Lees, which was founded in 2014, has already sold over 600,000 pieces of furniture, according to its website.

It aims to sell around 500,000 more pieces this year, said the company’s chief executive, Peter Collins.

Leets UK chief executive Peter Collins says Leesponders collections of contemporary furniture will be sold in the UK by the end of 2019.

“This is a major milestone in the journey of Lees as it moves towards the launch of its new retail and design portfolio,” Collins said.

The new deal will see Lees customers buying items from the furniture giant, which will also sell furniture made by other Lees brands, including the brand’s signature Lees furniture.

The deal is being hailed as a boost for the UK economy and the economy of the UK, as well as an opportunity to attract and retain high-end furniture buyers.

“We are very pleased to be joining forces with Lees to deliver an even more comprehensive and high-quality retail and designer furniture collection to our customers across this country,” Collins added.

Leers new range of furniture will feature more contemporary and contemporary styles and features, and will be available from 2019.

Le esport has also announced that it is opening a new store in Glasgow, which is the biggest retailer of modern furniture in the country, with stores in Glasgow and Edinburgh and plans to open stores in Cardiff and Leeds by the year 2020.

LeESpond, which has over 700 stores in more than 80 countries, said it aims to reach a combined sales of over £3 billion by the time of the deal’s completion.

“Our goal is to bring together a wide range of brands from all corners of the globe in a single location,” Collins told The Telegraph.

Leesspond also announced plans to create a new “Furnitureland” store in the United Kingdom.

The furniture giant will offer its products in both English and French, and the brand has already opened a store in London, and plans more to open across the UK.

“Leesponds brand is at the forefront of the luxury and modern furniture movement and we are excited to be partnering with FurnitureLand on our first retail store in Scotland,” said the Lees spokesperson.